Introducing Aurora, an open tool for standards-based digital records transfers

Rockefeller Archive Center and Marist College have developed a web application to support the ongoing secure transfer of digital records from active organizations to archives. Named Aurora, the system is part of the Project Electron chain of tools that enables the archival management and preservation of born-digital records. Aurora ensures that transfers of digital records to archives are virus-free, consistently structured, and include required metadata elements. Specifying and enforcing a common baseline for transfers allows archivists to focus their attention on appraisal and sensemaking of these records, while facilitating automation of routine administrative activities. Aurora is built on community-driven standards and specifications (including BagIt, BagIt Profiles, and PREMIS rights statements), an open source web framework, and released as open source software.

Presenter(s): Hannah Sistrunk and Patrick Galligan, Rockefeller Archive Center

03:30 PM