Show us yer strength! The ways we flex ElasticSearch

The ElasticSearch search engine, as it implies in its name, can have many different applications. Our poster will talk about the way that we (and you can) use ElasticSearch in library technology (application search and display, reports/analysis, logging), how we integrate it with other tools and applications, and future ways we hope to use it (monitoring, real-time notifications, data and API provider). We’ll cover the lessons learned with our early implementations and how to address them to lay the groundwork for a scalable, networked search environment that can also be applied to alternative search engines such as Solr.

The poster will cover our search architecture, demystifying differences between clusters, nodes, instances, data sources, shards, and the use of open-source tools such as logstash and kibana.

Presenter(s): Fernando Reyes, Jeff Rynhart, Jack Maness, Kevin Clair, Kim Pham

03:30 PM