The Need for a Library Diversity Webpage: Challenges, Opportunities and Expectations

This poster presentation explores how one academic library launched the library diversity webpage after conducting a 6-month needs assessment to promote the library’s interest and value for diversity and inclusion. Through collaboration and communication, the website represents the library’s commitment to these values and supports the university’s mission as well. This presentation will share best practices, challenges and expectations of creating and maintaining such information on the website: what content should be displayed, what are other academic library sites doing to promote diversity, and what learning management system would best to communicate diversity, inclusion and social justice in our library work? By having these discussions, academic libraries and library workers can rethink how their services, resources and outreach programs can enhance and strengthen diversity work in the library and across campus collaboratively. Attendees will also hear about the internal and external challenges when presenting for a case to launch a library diversity website.

Presenter(s): Raymond Pun & Hiromi Kubo, California State University

03:30 PM