Building REST API-backed Single Page Applications (SPAs) with Vue.js

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to the likes to React and Angular for front-end web development, with adoption by companies including Adobe, GitLab, Facebook, and Alibaba. As a progressive framework, Vue.js does not need to be implemented as an entire framework, and can also function as a modern ES6-handling jQuery replacement for applications where only a few lines of JavaScript are needed.

This talk will give a brief introduction to Vue.js and some of its tooling, demonstrate how Vue.js can be used to quickly build reactive Single Page Applications (SPAs) on top of existing databases and REST API services, and give some pointers on how to architect Vue.js applications that are expected to scale. As a powerful and flexible framework that can be used for fast prototyping and building production applications alike, Vue.js is a great tool for all library developers to have in their toolbox.


01:45 PM
15 minutes