ISLE: Islandora for All

This is a friendly but comprehensive introduction to ISLE. We will provide an overview, a public demonstration, and guide you in creating a local development environment of the entire Islandora stack on your laptop (or to share with a new friend): this process is remarkably similar to creating a full production Islandora stack on an institutional server or within cloud services. We’ll provide basic instructions on how to interact with your Islandora repository, including how to ingest, edit and delete a sample set of digital objects. We’ll show you how easy it is to use ISLE to maintain (update) your Islandora stack, and then how to run automated tests to verify success. We’ll share an overview of how you can create permanent customizations to your site that will persist through ISLE updates. We will provide a list of what’s needed to migrate to ISLE from a pre-existing Islandora installation, and from another digital repository platform. And we’ll make time for questions and discuss the future roadmap of ISLE and Islandora.

ISLE uses replaceable Docker images to streamline and largely automate the process of installing and maintaining the entire Islandora 7.x stack, while at the same time enabling institutions to create customizations that persist separately from core code. The result is the ability to easily, quickly and regularly update an institution’s entire Islandora stack. Maintaining ISLE requires significantly less time and staff, and also reduces the dependency on expert technical staff and outside vendors.

Everyone will succeed in this workshop! We’ve designed it especially for people who own, manage or work closely with their repository, including a full range of breadth that includes metadata specialists, archivists, developers, systems administrators, directors and CIOs.



Floor Plan

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
San José DoubleTree by Hilton - Silicon Valley