LD4P's Sinopia Linked Data Editing Environment

The Sinopia Linked Data Editing Environment is part of a Mellon Grant funded the Linked Data for Production 2 (LD4P2) project. Based on the Library of Congress’s BIBFRAME Editor (BFE) and BIBFRAME Profile Editor projects, Sinopia is a linked data platform for original and cooperative cataloging using BIBFRAME and other vocabularies.

Running on Amazon Web Services, the technical implementation of Sinopia is a project of Stanford University Libraries that in cooperation of a Cornell University-lead project, Questioning Authority search server, is scheduled to release an minimal viable product (MVP) in April 2019. A Cohort of over 17 universities and colleges are also developing linked-data technologies, practices, and workflows using Sinopia.

This two-session workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The Sinopia Platform design and development process covering the technologies, use cases, work cycles for this MVP and a retrospective of what the team has learned so far in the process.
  • How Community Profiles are being created, shared, and how the profiles are used in the Sinopia Editor in the Cohorts projects. We will also demonstrate how the workshops participants can create and reuse their own metadata profiles in Sinopia.
  • Participation in the requirements process for the second Sinopia work cycle. This will include “blue sky” imagining of what the linked data creation environment could become including but not limited to; metadata visualizations, advanced user interfaces, machine learning, and any other topics of interest.



Floor Plan

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
San José DoubleTree by Hilton - San Jose