Practicing ethics in information professions

People who organize information for discovery and use not only make information accessible but also provide the lens through which others experience it. Designing information spaces involves making and imposing value choices, which positions us firmly in the realm of ethics. This topic is especially relevant as we hear more about “fake news,” “biased algorithms,” and unethical uses of personal data.

Individually, we have considered ethics at the micro level, for instance by finding ways to do good in specific projects or situations. But to what extent have we thought about ethics in the context of our overall profession? When we design do we, as practitioners, surrender our moral authority to someone else? Or do we follow a professional code?

This workshop will present key questions and guidelines for considering and discussing a code of ethics that can be applied widely within information professions. We will also enact real-world scenarios and develop a story to use in talking with other professionals (teammates, colleagues, managers, etc.) about key ethical considerations in our work.



Floor Plan

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
San José DoubleTree by Hilton - San Juan